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60 years

discounts on all our products

Collaboration with skilled partners

Our company is eager to help you with any questions you may have regarding the specifications and insurance of each product and to help you get in touch with collaborating firms in Greece and abroad. 

Our highly equipped transport trucks along with our skilled staff, are always ready to deliver our products promptly and at no extra cost in the Attica region. 

Free delivery in Athens

Siotos SA is always eager to provide the customer with highly skilled contacts in placing ceramic tiles and sanitary ware so as to ensure an excellent result.

Direct contact with collaborating firms 

3D representation

We consider redecorating your space an art form so our company offers 3D modelling and representation of the tiles of your liking. This way, you can always be sure of your choice and our crew can more easily and efficiently implement the design choices. 

Suggested design solutions

Our highly skilled staff in technical specifications in ceramic tiles and in the area of interior design is always eager to provide you with design solutions, always in accord with you personal taste and needs.

Τρισδιαστατος σχεδιασμος χωρων
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